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Tips for Choosing Your Running Trail Running Shoes!..

In a few years the commitment to this specialty has taken a big leap and there is a wide range of material at our disposal. The competition between brands is high but all contribute their bit and strive to innovate new material and throw to the future the specialty that we like most, RUN ON THE MOUNTAIN.

In some occasions it is difficult to choose between a model or another given the wide market at our disposal and especially when one has no experience in this specialty.
This would be the first question that must be asked to choose a shoe trail What I want the shoe?

To answer this question we will have to take into account the following factors:

The weight of the runner greatly influences the choice. We must take into account the damping of the model to fit our characteristics and provide good protection to our joints in each impact, the greater the more weight the rider has. Each brand bets on one type of compound and each model offers different densities.

It is fundamental to get right with your size. Usually all brands are governed by universal sizes, specified in the shoe, but the last or construction of each model can make some fit more or less to your foot being the same size. Especially in the toe and heel adjustment.
It is usually advisable to try the model at the end of the day when the feet are warm, try different sizes and walk around with them before descending for your correct size in that particular model.

Some models carry a reinforcement in the internal part to avoid the excessive pronation in irregular terrain and before the passage of kilometers. Pronation is the rotation of the foot inwards when you run. It is a natural movement that helps the legs to soften the impact. If it is excessive (hyperpronation) or reduced (supination) it will affect your running and may increase the risk of injury. That is why your footprint is an important factor in choosing the right shoe.
Some models correct this rotation with an insert on the inner side or with a somewhat more rigid rubber density. The goal is the same: keep the shoe with good stability and avoid its rapid deformation.

As in other athletic disciplines it is advisable to use one model or another depending on the distance or if you are going to train or compete.
During training it is advisable to use a model with good damping that is proportional to the weight of the model. This will give you the comfort and protection you need to run for many kilometers.

This factor also has to be taken into account since our feet will be rewarded if we hit the model for each occasion.

In trainings or competitions of long distance (ultra trail) it looks for a comfortable model and well damped.
In shorter distances and depending on your intention look for a more agile and responsive shoe.
For very short distances and in ascension (vertical kilometer) you will come to a model very light, minimally protected and with an aggressive taqueado that allows you to ascend as fast as possible.

It will be necessary to take into account the time in which we run. In wet environments a waterproof membrane can provide the necessary impermeability in long exits.
On hot days, the transpiration of the model will give us an extra freshness at our feet, which will avoid chafing or blistering.

Be well advised by specialized personnel until you have enough experience to decide for yourself.
Choose the best for yourself!

Legea has all types of shoes for you!!!

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