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Spartak FK Suboticians traveling to Novi Pazar

Coach Černišov Sustio the tempo and the little work needed to make it fresher players awaited the next match. - Will play three tough matches in eight days, with two long trips, the first in Niš, and now in Novi Pazar. For these reasons, we're a little down the pace of work. On Thursday we did recovery training, Friday was a free day, and on Saturday, before going to Novi Pazar will do another lighter training. This season we provided better the lot against teams that are above us, as it was against Partizan, Red Star, Youth and Radnicki Nis and when to play a match against a team ranked lower than us, then we come to the more difficult points. We want to change that, to achieve a new victory to the upcoming break greeted with as many points.

Spartak Party provides much better away from home. According to the head coach has more reason, and one of the most important is a bad grass field in Subotica - Court in Subotica is in poor condition, and perhaps because of this side we better play. We like to play fast, with a lot of passes, and if the ground is bad, then such a system can bring a lot of mistakes.

We wish that they do their best!

With friendly Regards,

Curatolo Leonardo, Atene, 7/12/2016