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Keep fit during the summer with HeartandSoulStyle?

Keep fit during the summer?
Here are the exercises of the summer to do at the sea for a perfect silhouette!

The warm weather has finally arrived and for us summer has always been synonymous with sea, heat and the beach. What could be better than lying in the sun to take a nap or read a good book? The countdown has now begun for the total relaxation vacation we have been waiting for many months and which never seemed to arrive.
In this atmosphere of relaxation and celebration, we often give ourselves a glass of wine more, a pizza with friends at sunset or a dinner too long on the waterfront. The real question is: how to keep in line even during the summer holidays?

CYCLING on the shore:
pedaling on the shore is a healthy way to experience the beach. Thanks to the friction of the sand on the wheels, the pedaling will be more intense and will allow you to consume many more calories. Moreover pedaling on the beach allows you to firm up your thighs and buttocks, but also to relax body and mind.
WALK: walking on the beach early in the morning is a real cure for blood circulation and allows you to relax and breathe the iodine of the waves that break on the shoreline. We can alternate 20 minutes of brisk walking with 20 minutes of water walking up to the ankles. This will allow us to have more toned legs and buttocks, thanks to the massaging action of the sea.

With Friendly Regards,
Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 25/6/2019