ΤΗΛ: 2109644079-6988055329
Γούναρη 131 & Ιθάκης 18, Άνω Γλυφάδα, Αθήνα-Ελλάδα

Legea Lecco and Calcio Calcio 1912 arrive in Piazza Cermenati.

Starting from the first weekend of December, in the city center will open the usual "Christmas Village" , a place where you can buy merchandising , including various fresh products of production, signed by the technical sponsor of the Bluceleste company .

"We are working together with Calcio Lecco 1912 to grow the brand related to the Bluceleste society more and more - explains Mattia Maddaluno , CEO of Legea Lecco - addressing an even wider audience than the local one".

The goal of Legea Lecco, therefore, is to make known the name of the first city football team (and, jointly, that of the city) even to the tourist of the day, destined to live Lecco in its fulcrum over the next 26 days.

With Friendly Regards,
Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 9/1/2019