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Pain after workout?

How many times, indeed, you have been attending some kind of training, eg. Weights, group classes, team sports, and the next or even the next day you feel that your body is difficult to obey the muscular grip ???
Definitely it has happened to everyone

From us,from the richest to the most trained body.

But ... what, indeed, is that happening and what is this muscular "grip"?

After a vigorous activity or workout, it is quite common to feel muscle pain and stiffness in the muscles, a feeling that can become more intense in the coming days.
There are two kinds of muscle aches, those that appear temporarily during and shortly after training and those who appear in the next few days.
In the first case, the fatigue and muscle weakness we feel is due to the accumulation of metabolic products (lactic acid) and can last up to two hours after exercise. In the latter case, the so-called "delayed" muscle pain occurs as it occurs after 24 hours of training and there are various processes in our body.
Experts believe that this "grip" is due to the cracks in the muscles of muscle and connective tissue.

What are the symptoms of "delayed" muscular pain?

-Muscle grip
-Stiffness in the muscles
-Reduce the range of traffic

Is that normal?


Some believe that muscle grip can only happen to a beginner, infinite or prolonged absent trainee. This is actually wrong and all experienced athletes and athletes know that it is something that can happen to all of us!
The "delayed" muscular pain usually occurs in the first workouts or after a change in the training program, and this is because the muscles have the ability to adapt to the stimuli they receive only on them. So, any new muscular stimulus on our body or any change can cause these pains, to a minimum or a great extent, but these should not be considered worrying at all!
What can we do to avoid pain or reduce it?
1. Good warm-up
2. Sculptural rescue with stretching and relaxed aerobic exercise
3. Careful movements during exercise
4. Mild form of activity in the next few days rather than avoiding exercise
5. Relaxation
6. Hot bath

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Curatolo Leonardo, Atene, 20/4/2017