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We welcome the footbal team of Up - Langreo fc in Legea's family!!!

In the Town Hall of Langreo, on July 4, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one, they meet under the Presidency of Don Alfonso Argüelles Eibar, Mayor-President of the Illustrious City Council, together with First Deputy Mayor Don Ángel Fombella González, for To hold the meeting to which the commissions of the Langreano and SCP Football Clubs of La Felguera were summoned with these authorities to try to solve the problems posed by the unification of both Clubs, already agreed by the respective Assemblies of partners, which concur with Its presidents and secretaries..
In the mid-twentieth century, football was no stranger to the marked localisms in Langreo, especially between Sama and La Felguera, and there was great rivalry between the teams in each locality.
Unión Popular de Langreo is a Spanish football team based in Langreo, in the autonomous community of Asturias. Founded in 1961, it plays in Tercera División, holding its home games at Estadio Ganzábal in La Felguera, with a capacity of 4,024 seats.

Since that year, Langreo continues playing alternatively between Second División B and fourth División.

Town's history,

Langreo: Asturian: Llangréu) is a municipality and town of northern Spain, province of The Principality of Asturias. It is the 4th largest town of Asturias with 43.000 inhabitants. Langreo is located in the centre of Asturias, approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Oviedo. It was an important mining and metallurgical center.

In the neighbourhood fruit and cider are produced, and there are still important coal mines, foundries, and factories for the manufacture of coarse cloth.

Langreo has important medieval monuments like the church of San Esteban, the Quintana Tower or the Sanctuary of Carbayu. Today Langreo preserves good examples of its industrial heritage and it hosts the Siderurgy Museum Of Asturias within the old Felguera Factory, the Samuño Valley and Railway Mining Museum, and the art gallery Pinacoteca Eduardo Úrculo.

Langreo celebrates fiestas of San Pedro and Santiago, and special gastronomic days: Carnival (February) Cider (April) and Fabada (December)

The largest town is Langreo (43,000 inhabitants), formed by the most important districts: La Felguera (20.000), Sama (10.000), and Riaño, Ciaño, Lada and Barros.

Nothing else,only to visit the city of Langreo!

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