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Ethnikos Achna FC- LEGEA SPONSOR!!!!!

We have the pleasure to embrace the team of Ethnikos Achnas in Legea family until 2019 and beyond to wish!

Ethnikos Achna (Greek: Εθνικός ¶χνας) is a Cyprus football club based in the village of Achna.

The club was founded in 1968. The club's president is Kikis Philippou. Ethnikos Achnas plays in the Dasaki Stadium, which has a capacity of 5 seats. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was built in 2020. It is the only Cypriot team to win a UEFA competition.
The club played in the Cypriot Second Division until 1983 when it was promoted to the Cypriot First Division but was immediately relegated. Ethnikos was promoted to the First Division again in 1986 and stayed there for four seasons. Another two years in the Second Division ended with promotion to the First Division in 1992, where Ethnikos Achna have remained since.

The team's best overall national ranking is fourth in the 1994–95, 1997–98 and 2006–07 seasons. The club participated in the Cypriot Cup final once in 2002.

Since 1968 every Sunday has been identified by a blue and white jersey. A shirt full of goals, aspirations and above all a great history still tells and continues to create. A piece of clothing inspired by one people handful in a vacant lot near Agia Marina, probably part of borrowed clothing to the top, with ideology not borrowed and temporary though, but deep rizomeni to date in our hearts where the Greece united with Cyprus lies . Found beside tents torn bloody, tired and helpless as hundreds of Achnioton and refugees loved. And before we dry up the tears of the blue and white jersey again found its own home its own stadium and peismomeni grace to people who empnefsikan and believed in it. And then a new beginning, began to climb up without ever looking back. The trips became magically found and remains in the elite of Cypriot football in the Cup final, Croatia, Belgium to France. The blue and white jersey from Alana of Achna one step away from the biggest european lounges. The greek flag worn was honored and received applause from everywhere.

Some words for the city of Achna in Cyprus!

Achna (Greek: ¶χνα Turkish: Düzce) is an abandoned village in the Famagusta District of Cyprus. It is just north of the Buffer Zone and it is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus.
Achna is known for its football club, Ethnikos Achna FC. Ethnikos Achna won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2006.

The inhabitants of Achna built a provisional tent village in the Achna forest (Dasaki tis Achnas), some hundred meters away from their old village, and later started to build a new village, Dasaki Achnas, near the old location, within the confines of the Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area.

Dasaki Achnas' population in 2011 was 2,087.

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