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Legea has the pleasure to cooperate with CALCIO CUNEO 1905 TEAM
Hundred years and beyond. The Cuneo Soccer has roots far: everything began in a turn of the century made of real men and simplicity, the desire for football and identity.
So close and at the same time so far away from the capital of Savoy and his regal bearing, Cuneo discovered football in 1905. A calcium-free brightness and glory but full of passion and full of enthusiasm.

"It 'a story of celebration, rather than glory. A story without big names, but with so many actors who were heroes, in the heart of the fans, "he wrote in the book dedicated to the club ( ' For a hundred years in the flask: a story in white and red ') the unforgettable Walter Franco . "The team, as the city did not stay without program: had dreams, ambitions, hopes, limitations, disappointments, promises, not all retained. E 'remained, however, above all, a friend. In times of joy, from Cuneo football it was a source of pride. In the most delicate periods a kind of sick relative of whom prefers not to talk, not for shame but for critical and annoying inquisitions avoid him. The size of the team is similar to that of the city. There are great geographical distances, in Cuneo and, in parallel, the players are not detached from the fans.

Since 1924 the company, affiliated to the FIGC, decides to participate in the championship of Division IV and from then until the present day the history of football Cuneo assumes continuity.

The club was founded in 1905 as Unione Sportiva Alta Italia, taking its current name in 1998. It has played in Serie C from 1938 to 1943 and from 1946 to 1948.

Few words about the city of CUNEO:

It is located at 550 metres (1,804 ft) in the south-west of Piedmont, at the confluence of the rivers Stura and Gesso.
Including all bordering municipalities Beinette, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Boves, Busca, Caraglio, Castelletto Stura, Centallo, Cervasca, Morozzo, Peveragno, Tarantasca and Vignolo the population is 123,301 inhabitants

Cuneo's specialty is Cuneesi al rhum, chocolates with a unique rum-based filling. The most famous brand is Arione,(citation needed) located in Piazza Galimberti (the city's central square).
Arione, founded in 1923, has kept its traditional furniture.
While you are enjoying a sweet, take in some of Cuneo's sites, as well, as there are many.
The baroque Cathedral of Santa Croce is built with a concave façade in the early 18th century. Santa Maria della Pieve, renovated in 1775, houses frescoes inside and a beautiful painting of the Circumcision.
If you are looking for great local festivals, there is plenty here starting with a large summer music festival in June. There is also a festival celebrating the town's patron saint, St. Michael, held on September 29. There are many chestnuts roasting on an open fire at the Chestnut Fair held in the fall and don't forget the regional Cheese Fair in November.

Cuneo is on the rail line between Torino and Ventimiglia, and also provides bus services to other nearby towns and villages. With bike and car rental available, you can explore this provincial capital on your own terms.
There is truly something for everyone here in Cuneo. Long ignored, it has only recently been a sought after location for those traveling to this part of Italy. As you spend time here you will know why.

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Curatolo Leonardo,Atene, 27/1/2017